domingo, abril 04, 2010


Last night I finished watching a dorama (japanese tv drama) called Nodame Cantabile. I liked it a lot. It's funny, it's musical... ok I loved it. It may not have fulfilled my romance needs but it was cute and well done. It even made me want to start playing piano again...

It's about a guy called Shinichi Chiaki who wants o become an orchestra director but has been studying piano all his life. He wants to go to Europe to meet the famous director Viera but he can't because he's affraid of planes. Being in Japan he meets this other pianist called Noda Megumi (Nodame) who can't take music seriously, she just wants to graduate to become a kindergarten teacher. However she's very talented and passionate which makes him slowly get more interested in her from who he learns a lot of things.

Nodame is there to make these series fun because if it were only about chiaki facing his fear it would be boring as a dead ant.

This is a clip of when they play Rhapsody in Blue with Nodame in a mongoose costume. Lol.

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