viernes, enero 29, 2010

some draft

Feeling like updating... what to post... ok I know! A song :)

this might sound like everything you've heard before
this might be one overused line in the world
this might be loosing its true meaning
the ages might have taken its original sense

but I love you

sometimes I wonder
can I be better
I always thought i was doomed doomed doomed
sometimes I'm grateful
sometimes I whine whine whine
but now I have you
and you are... you, oh well

this might sound cheesy
this might sound kind of anything you've heard
this might be useless
this might be weak
but I can say it's not weak the way I'm feeling it

this might sound like everything you've heard before
the ages might be killing it slow slowly

but I love you

I never get enough of you

I have nothing more special to say

I love you

Its just a rip off of every love song

but I don't care
I wanted to sing something for you
so I did

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