miércoles, septiembre 15, 2010

I'm sorry, are you?

Nota: Esta es una canción que escribí, se me ocurrió mientras estaba bajando la escalera y en la oscuridad de la sala y el comedor, sentí ese... no sé, lo que siento cuando la gente desaprueba lo que soy, cómo soy, o mi estilo de vida, y yo lo ignoro pero ahí sigue y termina por afectar a personas que no tienen nada que ver... Quien la lea, espero que no la tome demasiado literal :P aveces exagero para mayor efecto dramático jeje y sí, es para alguien en partícular, pero ella no creo que la lea :P

You come out
you who hide
who said my name?
who dares do that?

Come out now
Why do you hide?
in the corners
dark corners
of my pink walled world

Is this at least a bit fair
is this what you call justice
are we the whores and the thiefs
and the wrong and the cheats

are we the ones who grew up differently,
are we the ones orphans and sad,
are we the ones who'll have to pay
for what others decide?

we lived in darkness
we longed for our dreams to come true
so why do you think you're differnt from us?
we were born and we'll end up being dust

why are we wrong?
If we only faced the consecuences of your bad decisions?
If we're happy to be sinners who vindicated themselves...
we have said "i'm sorry" enough
we have cried and suffered night after night
can't we be forgiven
if we're really really sorry
what do YOU know...
consider me in your prayers
as I do with you in mine
as God is the same for both of us
he is the God of the left behind

You come to me
And say what you think
I'm here to stay
I mean no harm, I SWEAR!

we lived in darkness
but now it all has changed
colorful days await
won't you come and share?
won't you take me in sister?
won't you call me darling?
won't you have dinner with me?
will I always be the only mistake in your life?

Those who dare say my name
come out
those who from my old memories I can't even recall
come out
For you, as long as you saw me every day,
You can't even say what my eye color is

If we for doing right
are MAD
If we for be distracted as kids
were MAD
If we, the ones who really want happy lives
If we who are INSANE just want to be like that

well, call me as you want
well, I'll just hang around
close to those who know
my life makes perfect sense

Él es Fausto André. Yo nací para que él pudiera existir.

(escribiré otra entrada sobre eso)

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