viernes, enero 08, 2010

not love

have you ever been in love w s1 that loved you as you were
that loved you human
your crazy ways
the way you looked wout make up on

have you ever been loved by anyone...

when that happens I believe it's not called love anymore
when that happens it's a whisper of sublimity in your soul

when love goes far beyond love
I believe it's a little God
a little instinct
a little animalism
a little humanity
a little metaphysics
a little selfishness
and a little giving yourself

so have you ever ever ever been loved...

love has become sth common
everybody loves
but there's this kind of feeling
that is not a feeling
this kind of need that leaves you needless

so have you ever ever ever been loved... by the one you really loved...
well that's not called love anymore

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