domingo, noviembre 01, 2009

:( Scene kid love song

the lyrics:

I love you
Ello I love You

I saw you
In Gym Class
I want you
I like you

I love you
I like you

I've never met you
We've never spoken
But I still like you
I want to date you

Will you hold my hand
But don't talk to strangers
Before we make out
I have to remove my retainer

I love you
I like you

I watch You
I love you.

I saw in you ninth grade
I watched you in tenth grade
I stalked you in eleventh grade
I love you in twelfth grade
Twelfth Grade Twelfth Grade

The pictures on my wall
They carry your smile
To deny my love
I would be in denial

I love you
I like you

I love you
I want you

I dream about her every night,
She's a beautiful woman,
I wish I could be her man,
Our love cannot be broken.

I cry myself to sleep
Knowing how far she's away
Any distance is a galaxy
When she's not next to me.

Will you go out with me,
You beautiful lady,
I loved you my whole life,
I want to be with you forever.

Oh my god is he serious
I'm gonna barf little man.
You're too short for me.
You're too ugly.
You're too nerdy.
You're too disgusting to go out with me.

Oh my god I can't believe you talked to me,
You're such a loser, you have no popularity

Why don't you go crawl in a corner die,
You'd do the world a favor if you would just suicide.

I'm broken.
My heart hurts...

I'm so sad...

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