sábado, noviembre 01, 2008

weather/date/pink elephants!!

Yesterday’s weather, so chilly and gray, and after reading about some kinds of japanese fountains and gardens, made me feel like I was somewhere else, not in México, nor in my city.

It’s a queer feeling, one quite interesting feeling too, to be in a place you walk through every day as I walk through my campus, watching the same trees, just as green as they were yestarday, but with a not as bright sky and the wind caressing the branches of our trees, making them sing, and the leeves shinning with the soft rain washing the dust away… It’s beautiful… I can even imagine I’m in Japan :3!!

After school I went to my japanese class. It was the oral test day and I went first. It wasn’t too hard but the lack of time to study and watching anime made me make some mistakes and this semestre I know for sure I won’t come up with the best grades in that class… damn… >.< I finished my exam and went outside the class room where my classmates were waiting for their turn. At that time I started writting this entry but I wouldn’t finish it before the next day. Anywho, I was writting there while my friends asked what I was doing, I told them about this blog and how I was going to write about that day’s weather, sooo inspiring…

However my boyfriend, who I dated yestarday, didn’t like the weather at all ☹. We went to watch a movie called “Burn after reading” which was just… strange… I don’t know, there were Clooney and Pitt and some other high rated actors, but the movie was just weird… If you’ve seen it please tell me what you thought of it. My boyfriend did like it but for me it was just inusual and not in a good way… but whatever… Alter the movie ended, and because we were hungry because neither of us had eaten enough earlier we made our way to the gastronomic area where he bought a spring roll and I bought an esquite, which is boiled corn grains put in a cup with mayonese, cream, butter and cheese. Later you can add lemon juice and some spicy salsa *drool* it’s just delicious, make sure you try one when you come to Mexico ;) Oh and I almost forgot, Between going from the movies and getting something to eat I remembered that a friend from college had told me that they had pink cherry cigarrettes at a shop at that very mall :D so I went and bought them hohoho…

*sigh* and after that nothing too interesting happened so I’ll stop here hoping you have something to comment about all these sharings.

I <3 MaikuKigurumin!!

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