miércoles, octubre 29, 2008

be vegetarian!!

I used to be vegetarian for a while, but after a few weeks I decided not to eat cow nor pork meat only :) because they suffer a lot... they're really maltreated in their way to our mouth...

here, a little comic about this

And now, a little about me...my favourite tale :)

cocorosie, their music... I really think it sounds like me, like my soul... if it sounded :3 it just really touches me x3
me and my new boyfriend... meow... I'm in love :3
and fafi :3 a fafinette I think...
today I visited her site and it was interesting to read about her periods; she divides her work in years and these are named after the theme she represents at each time :)

*sigh* I'm happy now!!

no wizard that there is or was is ever gona make me downnnnn!!! or take me? whatever... from Wicked..

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