sábado, agosto 09, 2008

my love is back!! :D

my love was so sorry...
and he repeated his words
he does when he's not sure
if I know his thoughts

he likes to make sure,
he won't let me go
until I know he won't
let me go until I know
his thoughts

Mi amor regresa
cada vez más tarde
vuelve para decir
aquí estoy
mas pronto me iré
regresa soon to be gone again

If he knew
even when I love him so
he's not the love of my life
he is just now

friends, tell me
are there times when future is more important than present?

my friends, he's one of you
and in the present he is my love
though someone else is to come
I don't care...
I love my friend today
de verdad
hoy así es
es lo que importa,
el hoy...
porque hoy... él es mi amor...

my love is back!!
soon to be gone...

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